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Runcore mSATA Pro V Mini SATA-II SSD

SSD Advantages

Runcore Elite-IV Half-Slim SATA SSD
The RunCore Half Slim SATA is a high-performance and embedded flash storage with smaller physical dimension, which adopts high performance controller with 64MB Cache, and with its maximum read and write speed respectively up to 120MB/S and 70MB/S. Also, its built-in hardware ECC function can ensure data reliability in high-speed transmission, and the Advanced Wear-Leveling algorithm can maximize the read and write endurance. Half Slim SATA supports standard SATA II protocol with a high speed access, and its specifications of data reliability and endurance are both in the top level of the world.

- Sequential: 100MB/s read and 80MB/s write speeds
- Performance gains in startup, application launch, multitasking, opening, rendering and saving large files, and shutdown
- Silent operation
- Lightweight
- Made with MLC NAND Flash
- Power saving circuitry helps extend battery life
- ECC Error Correction for server-class reliability
- Bad bit management maps out bad bits to prevent errors
- Sophisticated wear leveling algorithm ensures a long usable lifetime
- Supports any major OS: Windows9X/Me/NT/XP/CE/Vista/Windows7, MAC, Linux and Unix

- 2-Year warranty

Tablet PC, Smartphone, E terminal;Car Navigation System (GPS), Portable Navigation System, on-vehicle devices;Electronic meters, Electronic communications, Electrical machinery and equipment;Automatic control system, Energy management system, Grid Systems;Ticket machines, Vending machines and other transportation equipment; POS Machine, Convenience store terminal, Felica / Suica, ATM and other financial terminals; Diagnostic imaging systems, Blood analysis device, Medical Computer, Electronic case; Servers, routers, Information Systems; Monitors, Secure terminal equipment.

Runcore Elite IV SATA Half Slim SSD

Exceptionally fast - Faster bootup and application launch speeds
Lighter weight than a HDD
More rugged and reliable than a HDD - no moving parts
Silent operation
Produces less heat than a HDD
Get unbelievably fast performance from your netbook with a simple SSD upgrade!

Sequential Read Speed Up to 100MB/sec
Sequential Write Speed Up to 80MB/sec
Signaling SATA-II
Connector 22-pin SATA
Power Consumption 1W
Data Retention 10 years
Dimensions 2.1 x 1.6 x 0.2 inches (54 x 39.8 x 4 mm)
Operating Temperature 0C - 70C
Input Voltage 5V +/- 5%
Operating System Compatibility Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000; Linux, Mac OS 10.x
Capacities 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB

Usable capacity is less than specified after formatting. Actual performance varies depending on system configuration, application and other factors.



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