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HP Mini 1030 Benchmarks: SaberTooth Z vs Default SSD
We bought an HP Mini 1030 and our engineers threw a full battery of benchmark tests at the default 16GB Sandisk SSD and our SaberTooth Z SSD. The SaberTooth Z soundly defeated the default SSD by 2X to 3X in most tests. See our analysis and actual screenshots below. Note that while we believe this to be an accurate reflection of real performance, your results may vary.

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1. ATTO Disk
ATTO tests read and write speeds for a range of file sizes. The default SSD scored about 38MB/sec read and 18MB/sec write. SaberTooth Z achieved 71MB/sec read and 52MB/sec write.

ATTO - SaberTooth Z

ATTO - 16GB Default SSD

2. HD Tune Pro 3.50
HD Tune gives scores for min, max and average read speed. SaberTooth Z scored 45.6, 61.1 and 55.7 MB/sec respectively. And the 16GB Default SSD scored 0.8, 32.6 and 31.5 MB/sec respectively.

HD Tune - SaberTooth Z

HD Tune - 16GB Default SSD

3. IO Meter
IO Meter is one of the best available tools for measuring transaction speed in I/O operations per second. High IOPS performance is especially important for database applications. We tested 4K and 32K IOPS on both SSDs. In the 4K test SaberTooth Z scored 941; the 16GB Default SSD scored 590. In the 32K test SaberTooth Z earned 451 while the default SSD scored 217 IOPS.

IO Meter, 4KB - SaberTooth Z

IO Meter, 4KB - 16GB Default SSD

IO Meter, 32KB - SaberTooth Z

IO Meter, 32KB - 16GB Default SSD

4. CrystalDiskMark 2.2
CrystalDiskMark tests both read and write speeds, both sequential and random (4KB file size). SaberTooth Z scored 70 MB/sec seq. read and 32.6 seq. write. The default SSD scored 37.5 and 13.9 in seq. read and write respectively. The default SSD narrowly beat the SaberTooth Z in 4K reads, but in 4K writes the default SSD's score was so low it barely registered at 0.55. SaberTooth Z scored about 25X faster than the default drive in 4K writes.

CrystalDiskMark - SaberTooth Z

CrystalDiskMark - 16GB Default SSD

The SaberTooth Z is about 2X to 3X faster than the default SSD in most tests, and as much as 25X faster in the Crystal DiskMark 4K write test. Many netbooks have even slower default SSDs than the 16GB default drive in the HP 1030 we tested here. Upgrading to a SaberTooth Z will substantially increase the storage performance of most compatible netbooks. Even some notebooks with sluggish hard drives will benefit from upgrading to the SaberTooth Z. Bootup, shutdown and application load times are the most noticeable benefits.

SaberTooth Z
16GB Default SSD
Read - MB/sec (max)
Write - MB/sec (max)
HD Tune
Min - MB/sec
Max - MB/sec
Average - MB/sec
IO Meter
32K - IOPS
Crystal Disk Seq. Read - MB/sec
Seq. Write - MB/sec
4K Read - MB/sec
4K Write - MB/sec

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Specifications subject to change without notice. HP is a registered trademark of HP Corp. Usable capacity may be less than specified after formatting. Performance varies depending on application and other factors.



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